Singles w.i.n.g.s group

W.I.N.G.S stands for ”We are Influential, Noble, Godly and Gifted Significant Singles”

Singles’ group is composed of men and women without spouses (never married, widows, widowers or divorced).

We come together twice a year to build relationships, to encourage one another, have fun and fellowship, study the word of God and pray for  one other. It’s our desire to live a life of purity and contentment and purposeful life. We believe that singles play an important role in God’s Kingdom and if we continue to unite and strengthen each other’s faith, we know together we can make a major spiritual impact in the lives of those singles who are hurting, discouraged, lonely and lost.  We are the singles who love God and love people.


Changed People, Changed Lives

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  • God has used VCCFF for me and my family.

    Jax Teller via Twitter

  • I love my church (VCCFF)

    Tara Knowles-Teller via Twitter

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  • Baumgasse Campus Baumgasse
    72 1030 Wien Österreich
  • +43 1 796 91 76