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Our vision is to see our children as the future generation who will greatly impact the society they’re living in by spreading the love of God through proclaiming His Word & demonstrating it through action and lifestyle. We provide the following programs every Sunday to fulfil this vision:

Fun & Fellowship
The Fun & Fellowship provides an avenue for the children to have fun while fellowshipping and socializing with each other, and at the same time learning Christian values like kindness, politeness, conscientious-ness and consideration of others, patience, cooperation & teamwork.

Children’s Church
The Children’s Church promotes spiritual growth for children in a church setting. The children are taught how to worship, pray, serve & listen to God’s Word in a level that they can understand and apply in their lives. It also prepares the children to understand what is happening in the “big church” during the worship hour.

Sunday School
Sunday School is where children are taught about God’s Word, the Bible. They learn about love of God, biblical principles and godly living. Classes are broken down as follows: Pre-School (3-5); Primary 1 (6-8); Primary 2 (9-10); Pre-Teens (11-14).

The children yearly calendar activities include the following:
Summer sportsfest, retreats, fieldtrips, programs/special numbers, Christmas party, moving up ceremony, recognition of exemplary performance and recognition of parents/teachers.


Changed People, Changed Lives

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  • God has used VCCFF for me and my family.

    Jax Teller via Twitter

  • I love my church (VCCFF)

    Tara Knowles-Teller via Twitter

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