History of VCCFF

The desire and need of a Filipino Pentecostal church in Vienna was laid in the hearts of a few Filipino Christians who gathered regularly to pray and seek the Lord´s will in 1990. This paved the way for the group to be connected under the covering of Vienna Christian Center, an Assemblies of God church which at that time held its regular meetings in Halbgasse, 7th district of Vienna under the interim pastorship of Pastor Greg and Sandy Mundis.

Several challenges confronted the leadership of this group, making way upon God´s direction for Pastor Greg to appoint Larry Manuel as its coordinator in June of 1992.The group which started with only 20 people moved later to Knöllgasse, 10th district, in 1994, as their place of service meetings. It was in this same year, when the confirmation to become the Filipino pastor of this fellowship was given to Pastor Larry Manuel. He was prayed for and offered the function in the apartment of one of its members by Pastor Omar and Pat Beiler who took over the senior pastorship of VCC at that time. The much needed change and transition took place when Pastor Larry and Marlene Manuel were officially installed in March 1995 as its Filipino pastors.

That year marked the new beginning of this fellowship, now called the Vienna Christian Center Filipino Fellowship.

The whole of VCC including the Filipino Fellowship acquired a new campus and facility and moved to Rennweg 74, 3rd district of Vienna, in April of 1998. Meanwhile, in year 2000, Pastor Tom and Candi Manning assumed the senior lead of VCC. Under their leadership, a 2nd church campus and facility was acquired at Baumgasse 72, 3rd district of Vienna. In February 25, 2012, Pastor Larry and Melinda Henderson now the current senior pastors, took over the leadership of VCC.

Pastor Larry Manuel who is passionate of his love to God and bringing this love to others was shown a vision in 1997 of a long line of needy people (physically, emotionally and mentally sick) standing in front of their church building. They all wanted healing and restoration of their broken lives and broken bodies. This vision that he saw was later confirmed that same year when he attended a European Filipino Christian Conference in Switzerland where one of the guest speakers prophesied over him and uttered the same vision which Pastor Larry saw earlier. Later, several other godly men and women who came to minister to them had similar prophecies spoken over this church. The years that followed, from 1998 to 2000 saw those prophecies coming to reality were many people with such needs came, were restored, healed, set free and saved, ushering a kind and time of revival that they experienced.

Pastor Larry continuously sought God asking what will be the next move and step as he led the Filipino fellowship after this wave of revival happened. He continued to stir up the revival spirit among his leaders down to his members.  He truly believed that as the hunger for God increases, the burden to reach out for lost souls increases as well. He instilled in the hearts of the people that our purpose of existence is to Love God and Love People. He held on firmly to what God laid in his heart, thus the vision of making a major spiritual impact in this city and other places as well was conceived in this church. The following years that followed were preparation for this vision to be implemented – international Christian conferences, leadership trainings, seminars, retreats and Bible school were attended by its leaders and many prayers were done and spent by them. Meanwhile, most of the ministers who visited them, from 2000 to 2002 repeatedly prophesied that this Filipino church has an apostolic anointing. It will be used and will receive favor from God, where He will open doors for new churches to be planted in other places.

In 2003, the Filipino fellowship was ready to carry out and run with the vision. Through this vision of winning people for Christ, connecting and discipling by integrating them in homogenous life groups and later sending them to win others for Christ, too—its’ fulfillment is lived under the inspiration of applying beliefs about God to the issues of everyday life and giving their best for His glory.

As of now, VCCFF has planted other churches in Austria like in Linz, Salzburg, Klagenfurt, Neukirchen and in Switzerland (Geneva and Olten), in Spain, in Greece and in Italy. It has moved further to their homeland, the Philippines, where various churches under The Great Awakening Worldwide Church Inc. have been planted and started as well, like in Antique, Batangas (Mayasang, La Hiya & Calaca), Baguio, Payatas, Pasig, Pampanga, Isabela, Tarlac, Cainta, Pangasinan and Zambales. Most of the members of this church carry with them the passion of sharing God´s love to their families, relatives and in their hometowns in the Philippines. They are being used by God in a mighty way of being a major spiritual impact wherever they go, supporting God’s work and its’ ministries or starting and opening churches in their respective places. There are also churches from Bicol area, in Camarines Sur and Masbate whose pastors are in need of covering, mentorship, and strategy that also became part of The Great Awakening Worldwide Church Inc.

The mission of spreading God´s Word through His love and being living testimonies of His message of hope and salvation continues. Individual lives saw hope and healing in Jesus Christ. Many families were reconciled and restored. Married couples’ relationships are continuously strengthened and motivated to lead their families on a sure foundation. Young people are guided and helped so as to reach their potential and destiny in God´s perspective. Children are seen as the future generation who will greatly impact the society in a godly and righteous way. Prayer meetings, evangelistic outreaches, homogenous net meetings and life group bible studies are held regularly. Every opportunity to introduce Christ to others is taken with dedication and sincerity. Everybody is being trained and equipped with emphasis that to live an undefeated life is to live looking always to God, living out their passion of loving God and loving people.

Vienna Christian Center Filipino Fellowship and its leadership has been consistent, stable and walks with integrity and sincerity in its commitment to God and His people and in their calling. Many lives and families have been touched by its ministry and enjoy the victorious kind of life Jesus promised. Still, many are being tirelessly followed up, guided and strengthened in their faith and walk with God–letting love, joy and peace abide and secure their hearts. It is the call of God, it is the will of God…with resolute obedience and resolve, empowered by the Holy Spirit and the abiding grace of God, they continue to answer His call and be instruments for His purpose to be fulfilled in each one’s lives they touch and impact. To God be the Glory!


Who we are


Our Vision

To make a major spiritual impact in Geneva, Switzerland, Europe and the whole world by winning and making disciples.

Making a major spiritual impact means:

  • Raising up leaders
  • Revival and transformation
  • Life Group Church
  • Glory of God

Our Strategy

Ladder of Success

We believe our vision can best be fulfilled in the context of:

1. WIN – panghikayat/pangmamalakaya (sa pamamagitan ng pagbahahagi ng Mabuting Balita)
2. CONNECT – pangangalaga (Pre-encounter, Encounter God Retreat at Post-encounter)
3. DISCIPLE – pagdidisipulo (School of Discipleship)
4. SEND – pagsusugo (pagkakaroon ng sariling life group group)


Our Purpose

„Loving God, loving people“ Matthew 22:36-40


Our Beliefs

We believe the Bible is inspired by God and declares His design and plan for mankind. It was written by human authors under the supernatural guidance of the Holy Spirit. Because it is inspired by God, the Bible is truth without any mixture of error and is completely relevant to our daily lives.

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loving God, Loving people

Matthew 22:36-40


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Service Details

SUNDAYS AT 3:00PM Baumgasse Campus Baumgasse 72 1030 Wien Österreich

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